• Sometimes you have to clean up

    And we can do them for you easily

  • Do you need a new computer?

    No, you can save your money!

  • Optimize your Windows PC

    Your computer will be fast again

PC Bean & Clean is the perfect way to get your fast computer back.

PC Bean & Clean

Software itself is free and without restrictions.

No manual needed

The interface is very easy to use and easy to understand. It is not possible that you can make an mistake.

Easy to understand

PC Bean & Clean offers simply settings. Choose your mother tounge and go.

You need it more accurately

You can always view the details and choose if PC Bean & Clean should clean that or not. You always will clean the content of your trashcan? No problem.

PC Bean & Clean

With just a few clicks your computer will not be slow anymore!

Tired of waiting for your applications to start?

With just few clicks your applications start a lot faster than before.

Your Computer boots too slow?

PC Bean & Clean optimize your computer and you'll never have to wait for ages again to start working with it.

My PC was fast in the past.

Yes, and it will be again. Download PC Bean & Clean and see, that your computer can be fast as in the past and you don't need a new one.

Not enough space?

Clean your system with PC Bean & Clean. This programm will generate space on your disk simple and effective. And it will find more than enough, even if you've used other cleaning tools before.

Earn beans!

If you recommend PC Bean & Clean to your friends and they buy beans for themself, you will get a part of these beans free credited to your account.

If your friends recommend this to their friends and they buy beans too, you will also get a part of the purchased beans free credited to your account. And if the friends of your friends recommend the product, you will not go empty-handed.

You can now spend this earned beans on optimizing your PC.

Use beans and keep your PC in perfect condition.

About BeanOX UG

Our slogan always is "keep it simple and be effective".

You should not read a manual first to be able to use this program. "No manual needed" was one of our first goals. And this programm should provide an improvement of current tools on the market. "We are just like..." or "We can do exactly what ... does (but more beautiful)" was not enough in that case.

Our developers, which have many many years experience in this business, have given everything to reach this goals. A product easy to understand and its effectiveness speaks for itself.

Download PC Bean & Clean and look and see! It's free and you get enough starting beans to keep your PC in a clean and optimal state for a long time.

Recommend us and we say "Thank you" with beans.

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